100 Things to do in Tallahassee Before You Die

In 100 Things to do in Tallahassee Before You Die, Ely reveals the hidden treasures the locals love as you discover places you never knew existed while enjoying a city filled with natural beauty, history and plenty of outdoor activities. It’s time to Explore Tally with Ely! 


Know Your Worth

Experiences teach us, hurt us, and more importantly change us. Ely has taken from her own life experiences and created a simple yet essential guide for every woman who wants to live a better life. No secrets, no shortcuts, no magic, but rather a way to teach you how to work on knowing your worth so that you know your value as a woman. It takes work and Ely shares what she does every day of her life that allows her to stay true to herself and committed to her goals. Know Your Worth takes women into a lifelong journey of self discovery, accountability and personal choices that helps them live more fulfilling, conscious, and happy lives. Turn the page and discover. A new life awaits!


Own Your Fire

It takes a strong and courageous woman to be open, vulnerable, and willing to share her truth with the world. With unflinching honesty, Ely Rosario takes us through the lessons of her childhood, from the highs of motherhood, graduate school, and a successful career to the harrowing lows of a ten-year marriage to an alcoholic. With determination, grit, and self-motivation, Ely has overcome unimaginable difficulties to become a noted speaker, a marathon and Ironman finisher, a respected business woman in her community, and most importantly, the mother of three amazing children.Sharing directly from her own life, Ely inspires those facing their own personal challenges. She uses encouraging humor and straight talk to guide others in how to develop the skills and positive habits to set boundaries, create coping skills, and break free of unhealthy patterns.If this speaks to you, know that you are not alone. You may have heard these words before, but now you’re finally ready to take the first step. Make the decision to have a better, healthier life—get ready to Own Your Fire.